The Abscess…

Insert ominous music here…we had our first medical concern at Owlcatraz recently. Nubs (dark goat) had an abscess on the side of his face that was causing some concern. There was only one and while there was initial fear of Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) the problem seems to have been alleviated with some lancing and draining of the abscess. Note, this is not for the weak of heart as there was quite a bit of infected puss that drained from the wound. We did save some of the initial specimen in case more abscesses would appear causing us to take the specimen to a vet for testing. Fortunately, we got lucky.

We rinsed the opening with some iodine and covered with a bit of (goopy) wound treatment to protect from infection. A scab formed within several hours and fell off after less than a week. You can see the scab in the featured image on this page.

Several weeks later, there is not even a scar on Nubs’ face and he is none the wiser.

After some serious scientific research (ok, we walked around the pen) to determine what might have poked Nubs, we have come to the conclusion he might have been cut by a thorn while munching on some black locus branches.