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Dreaming of Summer

Here at Owlcatraz, we like to party.

Now party doesn’t necessarily mean a hell-raisin’ shindig, it can just mean great company and cool drinks! Summer is creeping closer (albeit not fast enough) and that means there will be plenty of time for relaxing on the deck with a cool drink (as long as your chores are done…or close to it.)

There was recently an Owlcatraz soiree that featured this delicious peach juice sangria. Easy to mix, it will be a crowd favorite.

I froze blueberries and strawberries ahead of time to add to the mixture to keep it cold, instead of using ice cubes which could dilute the drink. You could use other fruit at your choice or even freeze some of the peach juice.


2 bottles Minute Maid peach juice

1 bottle peach moscato

1 liter of Sierra Mist (I imagine 7Up or similar soda would work just as well.)

Frozen fruit/berries (I used 3 cups worth)

Combine, serve, and enjoy. Umbrellas are optional for the glasses. Tastes just as delicious without the moscato for a non-alcoholic version.