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More Kids!

We counted our blessings and one chilly morning (Nina likes it cold) awoke to two sweet does. Nina managed without any assistance from her human servants and under the watchful eye of Nubs. Both kids are healthy and have enjoyed all of the special attention from the human kids.

After careful consideration, the does have been named Daisy and Rose. Our neighbor, who grew up on a working farm, enjoyed a home visit from the kids as well. These two gals just might be staying on the farm, we are undecided if they will be posted for sale or not at this point. Stay tuned!


The Kids Arrive

After months of anticipation, Owlcatraz Farm proudly welcomed two gorgeous kids early on Monday, December 26. Nina, a four year old Nigerian Dwarf goat is the proud momma. She went into labor on Christmas evening, marked by her notable change in demeanor (she went from being standoffish to loving the cuddles and attention) as well as the loss of her mucus plug about 6pm.

Margo, the chicken, acted as Nina’s midwife and stayed by her side all night.

As it normally goes in the animal kingdom, Nina waited until I wasn’t doing hourly checks to deliver. At the first check in the morning, 5am, two wet kids were standing on wobbly legs. A lovely boy and girl! 

Both kids and mother are doing well. The kids (Thumper and Montana) were quick to start nursing and started to play almost just as fast. The human kids have fallen in love with the new additions! 


Goat Castle

During the planning and early construction stages of Owlcatraz, a wise man decided to start building the ultimate goat castle. (Wise man being “Papa”.) Upon careful deliberation and research, he found a picture of a dog house with a rooftop terrace and this inspired the creation of the “goat castle”.

Time for spring cleaning!

The structure was primarily made off site, then transported and assembled inside the goat pen. Approximately 6 x 4 feet, the interior is almost 4 feet tall (constructed of pressure treated pine). The interior has plenty of room for both Nina, Nubs (pygmy goats), and company should the herd expand. A ramp leading to the roof top terrace had branches added for traction and the herd has been easily able to maneuver up and down in all types of weather. Now Nubs often opts for the leap off the top, but Nina is a bit more graceful in her approach.

Discussing politics over their hay.

The roof top is covered with a GAF mineral guard material. Not only does this protect the residents from moisture inside, but the rough surface helps keep hooves healthy. The post caps add the finishing touch of elegance! Thanks Papa for your construction work!