The Kids Arrive

After months of anticipation, Owlcatraz Farm proudly welcomed two gorgeous kids early on Monday, December 26. Nina, a four year old Nigerian Dwarf goat is the proud momma. She went into labor on Christmas evening, marked by her notable change in demeanor (she went from being standoffish to loving the cuddles and attention) as well as the loss of her mucus plug about 6pm.

Margo, the chicken, acted as Nina’s midwife and stayed by her side all night.

As it normally goes in the animal kingdom, Nina waited until I wasn’t doing hourly checks to deliver. At the first check in the morning, 5am, two wet kids were standing on wobbly legs. A lovely boy and girl! 

Both kids and mother are doing well. The kids (Thumper and Montana) were quick to start nursing and started to play almost just as fast. The human kids have fallen in love with the new additions!